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Creative and unique: Increase the marketability of your corporate gifts with these tips

June 1, 2018

Everyone loves freebies – even your clients and employees! One of the best tools in promoting your company is through unique corporate gifts, and not just the common free stuff that any other company give away. It should be something that can attract the attention of many people, more than just your target market.


Coming up with the right concept for a corporate gift and disseminating it at the right time plays a big role in marketing your brand. There are a lot of corporate gifts companies in Singapore that produces and sells almost all types of giveaways, but how you want to execute these gifts is all up to you. Apart from making sure that it’s motivating your suppliers and employees, here are some more tips that can help you increase the market value of your every corporate gift.


  1. Keep the concept within your business goals

Each business has its own target market, and each target market has different characteristics. Make sure that the concept of your corporate gift is in line with your business’ vision and goals. Since you are going to launch this merchandise to market your business, make sure that it will contribute to improving the image of your company. You have to keep in mind that each corporate gift or item that you cascade is creating brand consciousness to anyone who receives it or sees it. It’s like when they get hold of it, they’ll be reminded of what your business can bring.


  1. Your gifts should carry your brand’s reputation

Creativity has no limit; it’s a common knowledge. Once you start brainstorming for your corporate gifts, you will be surprised by the tons of ideas you can come up with. But you should not get carried away. Consider creating constructive concepts for your corporate gifts in a way that it doesn’t give a negative impact on your company. It should also be aligned to how your company is known. This is pretty much an extension of the first tip, but in a different angle. Choose to have corporate gifts that will help promoting your business in a good way.


  1. Think of your gifts’ purpose

It’s basically like Christmas presents – you don’t just give it or the sake of giving a gift. Corporate gifts should have purpose. It’s not enough that it’s creative; the purpose of that gift is what making it more unique. Say, for example; you are considering to give specially designed coasters or cup holders for cars, you can play around with the design and the execution but you’ve got to make sure that it doesn’t depict the purpose of those. Creativity and uniqueness should come with functionality.


  1. Make your corporate gifts as practical as possible

Functionality has an after effect: practicality. Corporate gifts should just not be cute, adorable, or useful; it should also be practical – from the material, to the cost, up to the distribution process. When and how you should create corporate gifts matter a lot. It’s best to have corporate gifts that are not only eye-catching but are also good for your business’ pocket.


  1. Take your audience in consideration

Singapore has a mix of different culture, and so as your consumers. Whenever you will choose which corporate gift to use for your company, always take it in consideration the cultural differences of your audiences. For example, in China, gifts shouldn’t be wrapped in white because it symbolizes death. There are also a lot of beliefs and traditions that you should consider to make sure that your corporate gift will not be offensive to anyone. You’ve got to keep it clean.


  1. Wrap those gifts nicely

The packaging is important, really. The box, the ribbon, the wrapping paper, the bag – all these are the first thing that the recipient of the gift will see. It doesn’t matter if you have a unique fiber glass plaque with amazing layout and design for your gift; if it’s just presented in plain, white box, it’s… boring! If you want to increase the market value of your gift, make the packaging a priority!


  1. Don’t overdo it

Anything too much is not really that much. It’s better to keep your gifts to a minimum, and necessary. One of the purposes of giving corporate gifts is to make your clients and employees special. Thus, if you are giving away gifts all the time, it may not be that special anymore, is it? Also, you should be careful to whom you are giving the gifts and how you are going to give it.


Unique. Personal. Creative. Useful.

It may require extra time, effort, and conceptualization to create a gift that is equally amazing and effective. But, honestly, the most successful corporate gifts are those are not common. More than just creating a positive brand recall, making personalized and creative gifts adds an extra value for the recipient.


Make your corporate gifts special, and your people will feel special.