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Expand your brand identity with these unique corporate gift ideas

June 12, 2018

When you think about corporate gifts, the first thing that comes into mind are ball pens, notepads, umbrellas, and all those items that many companies give away during expositions and conferences.


While this makes your brand look “professional”, it also makes it look mundane and like any other corporation. It doesn’t help you brand stand out from the rest of the competition, especially here in Singapore where there are a lot of businesses.

Want to give your brand a different twist from the rest? Then it’s time to hand out unique and personalised corporate gifts!

Giving away unique and personalised gifts help make your brand memorable because it makes people feel special. And with an effective marketing campaign to go with the unique corporate gifts, you’re sure to leave a mark on people in that expo or convention.


If you’re not sure what unique corporate gift you can give away, here are some of our recommendations:


Soft toys

Plushies and other soft toys are a great corporate gift to give away, especially when it’s personalized. Convention-goers may not have much use for soft toys, especially when it’s a business event; but they will surely have someone they could give it to like a child or a special someone.


Giving a corporate gift as unique as a soft toy during a business events could also add a breath of fresh air to attendees who are probably tired of receiving the usual boring items. This can help get your brand noticed as a caring and fun company that looks out for the welfare of its clients.



Just like soft toys, giving away inflatable as a corporate gift is unusual but interesting. Inflatables as giveaways can help break the ice between your brand and potential clients as it helps build rapport between you and potential clients due to its unique nature.


And if your brand is one that sells products that require a lot of human engagement like insurance or a restaurant, this personalised gift can be a real brand booster that could help make your brand easy to recall.


Smartphone accessories

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone that they use on a daily basis. And if you want to upgrade your marketing efforts to be seen more by your potential clients and to make your brand more people-friendly, it would be a good idea to give them something they can use on a daily basis, like smartphone accessories.

Giving away something people can use on a daily basis will help bring your brand in front of them. If you give them a phone holder, they can easily see your brand’s name on the face of the holder and suddenly remember it. The brand recall would be faster and easier.


Luggage tags and travel necessities

If you’re a travel company looking for unique giveaways while increasing your brand’s image, giving luggage tags and other travel necessities as a unique corporate gift is a great idea.


But this isn’t only for travel brands. Giving away luggage tag and other travel necessities like travel bags can be a good personalised corporate gift for any brand. Not only is it a functional give away, but also a good way to show people that your brand cares.


There are a lot of ways to expand your brand’s image, and one of them is by giving away unique and personalised corporate gifts during events that will make your brand appear more caring and fun. So make your corporate gifts special, and make others feel special too.