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Promotional Corporate Gifts for Tech Savvy Clients

July 2, 2018

When you want your name to really stick to your clients, you really need to bring your A game. There are consumers who wish for something special for commercial souvenirs. This is good for your company because it will receive valuable feedback for its corporate branding.


As of today, technology is always improving and advancing itself with new features. More people are now aware of advanced features of technology, which means those who can’t keep up will surely get left behind. These people, who are not exactly inclined to technical changes, are your target audiences, and this is the time for you to show your clients that your products are worthy of their time and attention—with the use of your branding on high-technology giveaways.


These are effective trinkets for your clients who are technically inclined.


Flash drives

Flash drives are functional corporate gifts for your clients that will surely be utilized to the limit. Having company details like contact numbers and the company name will ensure that the clients know all about you and won’t lose touch with you. Why is this a promising idea? It’s because we live in a world where data is important and must be backed up at times. Transferring files from one computer to another through flash drives can be convenient and efficient in many business situations. This is small and compact to carry around. Pretty handy!


Power banks
These babies are the latest trends to hit the promotional trinket department. A power bank’s sole purpose is to recharge phones or tablets or other small devices. These are small and portable that you can carry it along in your pocket. It’s a nice bundle together with the charging cable, because wherever you go, you won’t be worrying about running out of batteries, and your clients would appreciate these. They come with a legitimate 10400 mAh, which can charge up to two devices for the entire day. If your boss calls or chats on an hourly basis, no worries. You’ll never run out of batteries for sure!


Wireless mouse

You can save yourself the hassle of having dangling wires whenever you walk from one conference room to another. Wireless mouse is a crowd favorite with employees dealing with laptops. You just connect this to your laptop through Bluetooth or a flash drive signal and you are ready to go! This comes in handy in so many occasions and it is a practical investment.


Personal speaker cushions

Ever heard of these before? These are the perfect way to end your days! Speaker cushions are wonderful inventions for more improved relaxation. You connect the built-in wire inside the cushion to your phone, play some music, and voila: you’ve just made your day with your favorite jam, or your favorite radio station while resting on the pillow. This is a nice idea to clear your mind and relax for a little bit. These babies can make your clients’ nights better, so invest in making these your corporate gifts.


Wire organizers

Let’s face it—we are all unconscious with our stuff whenever we’re working. Tech savvy employees or even the executive board are all messy—especially with wire or cords. Wire organizers are an immense help because the usual cord tangles in your bag could be fixed. Phone chargers or mouse wires will be more organized when rolled in place into these babies.


Always think of purpose.

The key to them remembering your company is to make sure they get to use what you give. Utilization, along with catching their eye through out-of-this-world designs would blow their minds away and establish your name in their minds. These will create lasting impressions to your clients and creates a distinction for your company.


Let us help you conceptualize your promotional corporate gifts for your clients and business partners. Talk to us!