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Show your own style! Choosing the right gifts for your corporate branding

June 20, 2018

The way prospect customers percept a business franchise depends on its brand identity, for one of its importance is that it dictates the view of your clients. Brand identity is what makes you distinguished to your clients, and what better remembrance they will have of you, are your corporate memorabilia. Who doesn’t want corporate gifts that instills a big impression?


When the occasion is really something special, there are plentiful ways to set your gift rising above the rest—though they have a mutual aspect: all gifts’ have distinctive impressions that make it feel unique and memorable. Having the accurate concept for corporate giveaways and distributing it with finesse timing is a great factor in marketing your image as a company.


Choose High-End and Functional Products

You can never go wrong with products that you can find a purpose for on a frequent—if not daily—basis. A common example would be high-quality statement shirts with a distinctive design that could attract clients with a subtle branding, which won’t be too much of an in-your-face impression. It’s best to associate an image with your brand instead of directly pushing its message to your clients. Another example of this are mugs, with cute designs with subtle company statements in forms of puns or cutesy texts around it.


This way, people will find your products as careful in terms of quality—which will be a win-win for the clients.


Going Above and Beyond Traditional Swag

In order to detach yourself from the masses, you must capitalize in stuff that people want. That is imperative for two reasons, which are, first, your company can be assured that the swag will essentially be used. Lastly, depicting that you recognize your consumer’s requests directs a delicate message that you’re attentive to their discomfort points and are keen to go above and beyond for them, without being asked.


Think of your gift’s purpose

Don’t just conceptualize company giveaways that will just end up as displays—mind you, that would actually be okay to liven up your clients’ room or office or basically just memorabilia. However, it’s better to give them tokens that they can essentially use. For example, affordable basic flash drives. These can be handy and useful at the same time. Other examples of purposeful giveaways are pen holders, umbrellas, and eco-bags—with attractive designs and subtle company statements to give it a more noticeable finish.


Unique, Purposeful, and Creative.

Don’t overdo anything! Below10Dollar gifts keeps tips on how to market gifts properly and become thoughtful when it comes to customer’s needs. It’s a common knowledge that keeping things simple is better than a grandiose of gifts. Keep your ideas to a minimum, but would come across as thoughtful to your clients, because what really counts is to make a lasting impression that would not only endear them to your company, but also to your hearts. For as long as they feel like they are being cared for through the little trinkets, they will surely be regular fans of your company and your work.