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Your employees as brand ambassadors: The power of corporate gifts

May 14, 2018

Corporate gifts are always a better choice in marketing your brand. Utilising personalised promotional gifts is highly effective because it can be integrated into many marketing strategies in a number of ways. Whenever you use unique concepts for corporate gifts, it creates a lasting impression to your customers and it creates a distinctive brand recall. More than just attracting attention for potential clients, conceptualised gifts can be more useful to many different avenues of marketing such as activation campaigns, events, presents, and most especially an item to recognise your employees.


Among all these marketing techniques, making your employees as brand ambassadors is one of the most effective method that you can come across. Every time you hand high-quality, unique products to your employees, it’s no doubt that they will actually use it – whether it’s a prize for a recognition or just a monthly company perks. No one else is going to be proud to flaunt your corporate gifts, from the simple designed coffee mugs and cups to the personalised clocks and calendars, but your own people.


Aside from the fact that you are already targeting your most loyal audience, here are some more benefits why supplying your branded gifts internally is one of the most powerful strategy.


  1. Lasting impression

For each of your corporate gift or marketing campaign, you have no other aim but to be remembered. You want to create an impression to your audience that will last and stick to them. Through the power of your employees, you brand can create a lasting effect to everyone they encounter. If your corporate gifts are uniquely designed and are useful on a daily basis, there is no doubt that it can be planted on every passersby.


  1. Boost Morale

Everyone loves gifts. Nobody says no to anything that’s free, right? But more than just a freebie, giving your employees the opportunity to carry your brand symbolizes trust. In that way, your employee will feel that they are important and they matter as part of your company. Somehow, it will give them a sense of encouragement to be better at what they do.


  1. Maintain Loyalty

If your employees can see that you trust them with your brand, they will keep their loyalty to you. Your corporate spark conversations from their friends and families, which is also a good opportunity for your employees to endorse your brand. Moreover, using your employees as brand ambassadors can boost positive aura in the workplace. Most importantly, loyalty is priceless.


  1. Walking Advert

Your people don’t stay in one place 24/7. They travel to and from the office, they go different places, they go clients’ offices, and more. This only means one thing: your corporate gifts will go a long long way. What’s going to be more impressive is if you will make unique corporate gift – it is eye catchy and attention grabbing. Imagine how much it can spark a conversation.


  1. More visibility means more business

If you value your people, you value your business. If more people will see that you give importance to the people who works for you, it also means that you have a strong relationship with your clients. If your potential customer will see how much you trust your people and how much you take good care of them, it will give a good impression that you can also do the same to them.



Stay smart, be more creative

As businesses are affected by the current state of the economy, it’s recommended to be smarter and be more creative in crafting your marketing strategy. Looking for more innovative and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand is the best solution.


Corporate gifts are effective, it’s already known. But finding ways to make your corporate gifts more creative and more cost-effective can be a tougher job. You can enhance your marketing strategy by making your brand identities more noticeable and more interesting. You’re sure to capture the attention of not just your target audience but also everyone who sees it.


Start saving money for more marketing with the help of your employees. It’s a win-win situation – you’re having an extra mile in getting larger audience while you’re boosting the morale and enhancing your workers’ motivation at the same time.


Keep your employees and your marketing campaign intact with the help of one of the most reliable corporate gifts companies in Singapore. Talk to us and let’s plan how you can maximise the power of your employees for a creative and personalised corporate gifts!