Q: What is different about below10dollargifts.com compared to the other corporate gift vendors?
A: We firmly believe that gifts should be used as marketing tools relevant to your company's image, marketing strategy, advertising campaign or product launch. Thus, our personalized corporate gifts ideas are designed to be unique, effective and affordable marketing tools that will meet your needs. With 12 years experience in this industry, we have the experience, infrastructure and the expertise that sets us apart.

Q: How are corporate gifts an effective marketing tool?
A:  Gifts create a WOW factor at events, product launch or any other occasions, and give your target audience a tangible object linked to your company or product. This coupled with functionality, will ensure that your company or product will remain in the memory of your target audience through the use of your gift . In such a manner, we believe that gifts are an effective marketing and advertising tool for any corporation.

Q: How competitive are your prices?
A: With offices in Yiwu, Shanghai and Guangzhou, a factory in Guangzhou as well as over 500 manufacturing partners all over China, we have full control over the manufacturing process enabling us to maximize the cost saving benefits for our clients. With our strategically structured network, we are able to provide cost efficient and quality products for our clients.

Q: Are the prices on this website a fixed price?
A: The unit prices listed on our website is merely an estimate.
Overall prices will have to depend on quantity, printing and packaging requirements of the corporate gifts. Contact us to get a free consultation and an accurate quotation.

Q: Are there any design fees?
A: No. We provide you with proposals of relevant gifts to suit your objectives, the designs are free of charge if you use our custom made gifts that we purposed. Please note that all custom made gifts are copyrighted by below10dollargifts.

Q: Are all of your products available on this website?
A: No, our personalized corporate gifts are suited to our clients and their needs, as such we constantly come up with new products and premium gift ideas. The website merely gives you a general idea of our past projects. If you have a gift idea for your company in mind, do contact us for a consultation.

Q: Can you guarantee the quality of your products?
A: As mentioned above, our offices in Yiwu, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as our wide network of manufacturing partners, enables us to have direct and full control over the manufacturing process and allows us to guarantee the quality of our gifts. That being said, we have gone a step further by having a second quality control in our warehouse before it is packed and shipped to you.

There are two stages to ensure quality control, the first, as mentioned earlier, is done during the production process, where our staff in China will personally overlook the manufacturing process. The second round of quality control is conducted at our central warehouse in Zhejiang where we conduct a second round of quality control on each and every product before repacking them for shipment.

Throughout the entire process, we constantly keep our clients with regular updates to give our clients a peace of mind.

Q: Do you have a guarantee policy?
A: Yes. With our stringent quality control, we guarantee a high quality for our unique corporate gifts. However, if a defect does occur, we will replace them as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Q: Do you provide temporary storage if we cannot house our gifts?
A: Yes, we do provide temporary storage within a short period of 1 month in our Yiwu warehouses. You can distribute your corporate gifts to your regional offices using your international courier account or your appointed sea forwarder in China.

Q: What is the general method for delivery of the items?
A: Gifts are shipped via your preferred ocean freight and on land delivery would be made through your choice of courier. We can also help distribute your products via airfreight if you choose to do so, using your international courier account. Special arrangements can also be made if you wish to distribute premium gift items to several regional offices. Do contact us if you have any enquiries about the delivery process.

Q: Do you welcome international orders?
A: Yes, we serve international clients. Some of our international clients come from the US, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Ireland, Korea and Indonesia.

Q: What forms of payment do below10dollargifts.com accept, especially for international orders?
A: At this point of time, we only accept Telegraphic Bank Transfer. However, do contact us if you like to enquire about another mode of payment.

Q: Can we customize the sizes or color of the corporate gifts instead of the ones provided here?
A: Yes, however it depends on the quantity ordered. If your quantity meets the minimum order quantity, we can create a customized mould and change the color and/or size of the personalized corporate gifts.

Q: Can I mix and match different item orders to fill up the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
A: Custom arrangements can be made, however the minimum-order quantity (MOQ) for each specific product varies.
Contact us for more information regarding your specific request.

Q: Will my order information be kept private and confidential?
A: Yes. Order information of our clients are kept private and confidential.

Q: How did below10dollargifts.com come about?
A: Below10dollargifts.com was launched in 2002 as a Singapore Corporate gifts company and draws on the experience on graphic design and advertising expertise of Winson and Terry Design and their advertising firm which has been around in the industry for 21 years. We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise that can meet your corporate gifts needs from an advertising, design and marketing

All price excluding packaging method and addtional color silkscreen.

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