Best Corporate Gifts For Your Employees Within $5

Small businesses are flourishing very well in the current times and that is mainly because of their supremely hard working employees. These businesses do not have the capacity to hire a lot of workers and that is exactly why their current team has to go the extra mile to make their business flourish. This brings us to something that is a little token of appreciation for their teammates because they deserve it more than anyone else. Now, if such a thought crosses your mind then as an employer your first hurdle on this way will be your tight finances. Don’t worry, we got you covered in this case. Here are some cute gift options for you to surprise your employees with:


Corporate gifts that seamlessly fit into your budget:


  1. Document folder: 

Help your employees to keep their documents and all the paperwork in place. This will help them keep their things organized and will reduce their hassle a bit. It comes easily under 2$ and it can also bring a broad smile on your employees faces. 

  1. Button Badges:

Button Badges can be an amazing gift option for your corporate employees. Fashion them with your company brand name or logo to add a personalized touch. You can also add some inspirational messages on these badges.

  1. Car air freshener: 

Another very trendy gift option for your employees can be car air fresheners. These are an absolute essential in our everyday lives and that is why these play the role of a perfect gift for your hardworking team. Gift them a dash of freshness in your budget to lift their mood. 

  1. Metal Bookmarks:

Metal Bookmarks come under $2 easily and make a really useful gift. You can give these to your teammates to ease their hassle with the paperwork a bit. It will help them get to their desired pages easily.


  • Mini mobile sticky screen cleaner: 

In the present days, we tend to look at a person’s cell phone first before we even take a look at them. That is why you must always keep your mobile phones presentable. A mini mobile sticky screen cleaner could be a perfect gift in this case for your employee. Gift them this useful piece of equipment this day and boost their morale.


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