Gifts for your employees under $4

A very small and simple gesture that can go a long way with your employees is a gift. It can lift up their spirits and increase their productivity at a simple go.  Although, if you are under a tight price bracket then your prime concern in this case is going to be the expenses but we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the warmest gift options under 4$ with us to cheer up your team and laud their hard work. 


5 Best Gifts For Your Employees Within Your Budget:


  1. A little succulent or a bonsai:

 In trying times like these, when the world needs greens more than anything, a plant is the best gift option anyday. Gift your employees a little succulent or a bonsai which they place in their cubicle on their tables so that they feel a little lighter or at home in their workplace. Surely, this is in your budget because it can be covered under 4$ easily.


2. Gift cards: 

Another very widely used gifting option are gift cards because they can be used by your employees according to their own needs.


3. Self- grooming kits:

 A refreshing spa-kit or bathing products packed in an aesthetic way could also be a very good option for you to show gratitude towards your employees. Again, these products are priced at a very reasonable rate which makes them even more desirable.


4.A Cookie Jar:

 Cookies can make everybody happy and joyous and that is exactly why delicious customized packs of cookies make a timeless gift for your hard working employees. Gift them some sweetness today to show some kindness and appreciation for their tireless efforts. 


5. Flavour infuser bottles:

 Staying hydrated is a must when you have to work for long hours. This is where you can add some spice to your employees’ lives. Gift them flavour infuser bottles to add some mild fruity flavours to their drinks so that they don’t get bored at their workplace. Also, fun fact: these bottles will never give you a hard time with your budget. 


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